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Rapid Assessment Of Health Programmes
CHSJ has initiated a long term programme on Capacity Building in Rapid Assessment of Health Programmes for Civil Society Organisations. This programme was held by CHSJ in 2010-2011 in collaboration with SRM University (School of Public Health), Chennai, Tamil Nadu with UNFPA support. 17 organisation across 9 states were trained under this programme. A similar programme in 2008-09 was organized in collaboration with the Global Health Leadership Program of the University of Washington in Seattle (USA) and UNFPA (India). For more details on RAHP visit

Details of studies under Rapid Assessment of Health Programmes2008-09


Other Studies On Evaluating Health Systems



Exploring the Health Care Needs of Women Who Experience Violence In Uttar Pradesh

Meeting The Health Needs Of Domestic Violence Victims

Study On National Health Programmes And Social Exclusion (NHSE)

Exploring Universal Access to Medicines

CHSJ in collaboration with SAHAYOG and the University of Edinburgh (along with Martin Chautari in Nepal) worked on a research project “Tracing pharmaceuticals in South Asia: regulation, distribution and consumption” in 2008. This research was led by a research group at the University of Edinburgh, including members of the Centre for International Public Health Policy and the research network on the Sociology and Anthropology of Health and Illness. 

Social Auditing Of NRHM 
This process was initiated early 2008 and was completed in 8 districts of UP and Uttarakhand. This process clearly highlighted the capacity of local communities to engage in a serious enquiry of health programme delivery and share the finding sensitively to engage the health providers and managers in planning for change.  
Citizen's Reports On The NRHM 
CHSJ has facilitated a process of annual feedback on the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) with special emphasis on RCH -2 components. CHSJ has also prepared two citizen's reports employing using qualitative methodologies on the NRHM (2006 and 2007) in 7 states including Uttar Pradesh, which have been shared at National Stakeholders Consultation. The consultation was attended by bilateral organisations, UN agencies, Civil Society Organisations from across the country as well as the Government.
Studies On Men And Masculinity
Evaluation Of Programme Interventions


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