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RSHR 2006-2007

Developing an Abortion Policy for FPA India– CHSJ provided technical support to FPA India, and assisted them in framing an institutional policy to address the issue of Safe Abortion.
Advocacy Training on Violence Against Women– We initiated a process for providing training support to three OXFAM ( India) Trust funded networks in Jharkhand and Orissa for developing a VAW related advocacy strategy.
Advocating for Reproductive and Sexual health and rightsCHSJ in collaboration with SAHAYOG initiated a process of supporting advocacy action in the EAG states with a focus on Bihar and Jharkhand. It supported local organizations to develop an advocacy campaign on two-child norm in Bihar.


  • Advocacy Training– CHSJ collaborated with the Coalition on Maternal and Neonatal Health and Safe Abortion (CMNHSA) to organise a ten-day short course on Advocacy for Reproductive Health and Rights in September 2006. CHSJ also collaborated with SAHAYOG and Healthwatch Forum UP to conduct a training on Advocacy on Reproductive Health and Rights for organisations working in the EAG in November 2006.
  • Stakeholders Consultation on One Year of NRHM - 26-27 July, 2006, New Delhi A two day consultation was organized on Building Creative Partnerships For Fulfilling Reproductive Health Needs and Rights and was attended by civil society participants for 10 states as well as experts, donors, international organizations and government of India representatives.

  • State level consultations of fulfilling Reproductive Health Needs and Rights : CHSJ has organised a series of consultations across the 8 EAG states, disseminating information about NRHM and RCH2. These consultations reveal the status of the programmes in the various states as well as the key Reproductive Health issues.

  • Training programmes: Population, Gender and Reproductive Health: CHSJ has been conducting training programmes for senior bureaucrats across the country in collaboration with the Population Foundation of India at National Institute of Adminsitrative Research (Lal Bahadur Shastri Academy, Mussourie) and in Bihar (with the Administrative Training Institute) . Support is being extended for similar trainings in Jharkhand.

  • Alliance building on Right to Maternal Health:CHSJ has participated in two events of Women’s Health and Rights Partnership (WHRAP) – National Policy Dialogue organized in December 2005, in New Delhi and a South Asian Policy Makers meeting organised in Bangkok ( May 2006).


This report focuses on the performance of NRHM on 8 of the 18 high focus states .