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CHSJ is committed to the principles of ICPD, 1994 held in Cairo, which for the first time provided rights framework to the field of reproductive and sexual health.Reproductive and Sexual Health and Rights (RSHR) is one the key thematic areas of CHSJ. This thematic area is crucial as it addresses basic reproductive health related issues and their violations which are faced by marginalized communities. It focuses on building evidence around impact of policies and programmes on reproductive and sexual health and rights, exploring and strengthening alliances on these issues and supporting advocacy action for bringing about change at the policy level which affect the marginalized communities. Work in this thematic area is centred around the following;

  • Securing Maternal Health Rights
  • Safe Abortion Advocacy
  • Advocacy on Population and Development

CHSJ continued to host the National Secretariat of Gains & Gaps-ICPD+15: A Civil Society Review in India to build consensus among various stakeholders on issues around population and development and review progress on different indicators of the ICPD PoA.

On behalf of the National Coalition on Population on Population and Development, CHSJ co-organised A Roundtable on Contemporary Challenges and Opportunities on January 12, 2011. The overall objective of the meeting was to identify new opportunities and challenges, and discuss ways of developing a campaign and mobilising public opinion across different constituencies and stakeholder groups.