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MAGE 2009-2010

Men and Gender Equality Policy Project – CHSJ and SAHAYOG have been participating in this multi-country project jointly coordinated by Instituto Promundo, Brazil and International Centre for Research on Women, Washington D.C.  As a part of the continuing enquiry process, CHSJ was involved in conducting a study “Men who care” which aimed to examine the possible impact/ role the policies may have had on men who are involved in (alternative) roles of care giving or in care giving professions. Nineteen respondents from Delhi, Pune and Lucknow were included in the study and the analysis is ongoing.

Working with Men to address Violence against Women in Uttar Pradesh CHSJ initiated an action research project to mobilise and engage men and boys to address the issue of violence against women in 30 villages of three districts of Uttar Pradesh. This is part of a multi country project being supported through the UNIFEM Trust Fund and is being implemented in India in collaboration with SAHAYOG and the International Centre for Research on Women (ICRW), New Delhi and Instituto Promundo, Brazil. The goal of the project is to promote increased involvement of men and boys in promotion of gender equity and the reduction of violence against women and girls and to demonstrate that this change is possible through a combined process of mobilisation, capacity building, campaign and community action. The project envisages doing intensive engagements with men and boys in Pratapgarh and Jaunpur districts of UP. 

Mobilising men to challenge Sexual and Gender based violence in institutionsCHSJ in collaboration with SAHAYOG started a project titled, “Mobilizing Men to challenge violence against women in Institutional Settings” supported by Institute of Development Studies, Sussex, UK. The programme aims to provide support to the activists/ leaders to facilitate the implementation of campaigns against violence against women in specific institutional settings.

Supporting Men’s Action for Stopping Violence Against Women (MASVAW) MASVAW is  a campaign working with men and boys in Uttar Pradesh to providing men with a supportive peer environment to practice gender equitable behaviour and challenge gender based violence.  CHSJ provided technical support to MASVAW for its Organisational Development, capacity building for its districts forum members and secretariat staff, conducting assessment study with its district forum members and youth and their influence for gender equality in the community.

Networking-As part networking processes, CHSJ has been consistently involved in addressing the issues of masculinity and gender equality at the National, South Asian and Global  levels. CHSJ currently holds the secretariat for Forum to Engage Men (FEM), which is a national network involving diverse group of activists, academicians and organisations that share a vision of working with boys and men on issues of gender equality and violence against women. CHSJ is also involved in South Asian regional processes which share similar objectives. CHSJ members played a key role in 'Working Together Regionally', a South Asia Regional Consultation in Dhaka, Bangladesh in June on working with boys and men for gender equality and gender-based violence prevention. CHSJ is a member of the steering committee of MenEngage, a global alliance of NGOs and UN agencies that seek to engage boys and men to achieve gender equality.