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MAGE 2008-2009

Men and gender equality in policies - There has been a long standing call for involving men as partners in the process of creating a gender equitable world. However there are few large programmes which have attempted to incorporate men’s involvement systematically A global review of field level studies indicate that adult and young men can change their gender related attitudes and behaviours. Small programmatic interventions are often limited when the larger policy environment does not support interventions with men. In order to understand the current policy reality in terms of the understanding of men’s roles and responsibilities in contributing to gender equality a Men and Policy Project is being collaboratively implemented in a number of countries across the world. CHSJ, SAHAYOG, AAKAR and ICRW are part of this global process from India.. CHSJ and SAHAYOG published the result of a policy analysis that was completed last year . During the current year a qualitative study was conducted with twenty men are involved in non-traditional roles or professions to understand whether current policies ( state and workplace) address their specific needs.

Campaign on Involving Men and Boys to Address Declining Sex ratio - There are a large number of laws in the country which are aimed at gender equality and raising the status of women. Many of these laws however have remained ineffective and there is little public debate or discussion on the need for such laws being implemented in letter and spirit. The Campaign on Involving Men and Boys to Address Declining Sex ratio was aimed at starting a discussion among men, especially among youth and men about the importance of gender equality in the context of men and masculinities and the need for such legal interventions for upholding women’s human rights. This campaign called Naye Mard Ki Nayee Soch ( New Men Think Differently), developed communication messages aimed at new gender equitable behaviour among men and a community based campaign was implemented across 350 villages and 20 districts in the states of UP, Rajasthan and Orissa, involving youth, teachers and media persons.

Networking - CHSJ currently holds the secretariat for FEM (Forum to Engage Men) which is a national network. It is a diverse group of individuals and organizations that share a vision of working with boys and men on issues of gender equality and violence. To take the process of FEM forward, state initiatives have been launched and consolidated.
Workshops and meetings were organized in Gujrat, Maharashtra, West Bengal and Assam in collaboration with local organizations (details given below). These have been attended by journalists, press photographers, teachers, NGO representatives and members of social justice campaigns. The outcomes of these meetings have been quite encouraging and the process of bringing the organizations working with men and boys on a common platform has gained momentum.

  • Gujarat-Women's Studies department of Maharaja Sayaji University, SAHAJ, Baroda and SWATI, Ahmedabad
  • Maharashtra- SAMYAK, Pune and Vikas Sahayog Pratishtan, Goa,
  • Assam- Gharoa, an organisation that works on stopping Violence Against Women
  • West Bengal- SWAYAM, a Kolkata based women’s organization

South Asia is seen as a place where violence against women is endemic. To address the issue of Gender Based Violence (GBV) a wider South Asian Campaign called “Partners for Prevention” is being coordinated through the UN family. This campaign has a long term goal to reduce the prevalence of GBV in the Asia Pacific Region. CHSJ is currently facilitating the development of this campaign at the south asian regional level.

Consultancy Support - CHSJ has gained a reputation for its pioneering work and expertise in working with men and boys in India. It has been asked to provide technical support and guidance by various national and International agencies in their work with men and boys. The agencies which requested technical support from CHSJ in the last year are:

  • IPPF in their research project on men’s sexual and reproductive health and rights.
  • FPAI in conducting a study on men and Reproductive health in India.
  • Swiss Aid for strengthening its partners capacities on working with men and boys for gender equality and reducing GBV.
  • ICRW in its GEMS (Gender Equality Measurement in Schools) project.


Promoting Sexual and Reproductive Empowerment - 2nd March 2009


CHSJ was invited to participate at the side event organized by the UN in association with the Governments of Norway and Sweden at this year’s Commission on the Status of Women(CSW).


Review of interventions with men and boysdownloads: 634 | type: pdf | size: 0 kB

Review of Programmes, Projects and Interventions to Engage Men and Boys in the fight against Gender based Violence: A Report by Allessandra Orifinopoubel

Working with Boys and Men for Gender Equalitydownloads: 2047 | type: pdf | size: 0 kB

A compilation of various works to understand the challenges of working with men and boys, in the context of building non-violent, equitable relationships.