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CHSJ is concerned about health rights of those who are socially excluded due to various reasons ranging from socio-economic and political marginalization to social prejudices and prevalent biases. Right to health is being considered to be the inevitable solution for the pervasive and persistent problem of inequality prevailing in the delivery of health services as social exclusion restricts communities’ choice to participate in decisions that affect their health. This objective of addressing health care delivery from human rights perspective is to confer on the communities, the sense of freedom to choose what is best for them, being a part of it.

CHSJ has been engaged in understanding the role of social exclusion as an important social determinant and has focused on

  • Empowering communities in engaging with public health system to bring accountability of the system, more so from the perspective of marginalized communities.
  • Groups working on the development and human rights of socially excluded groups demonstrate interest in health issues
  • Raise concerns of social exclusion and health at larger scale by advocacy, networking and secondary data.

The sub-themes within this broad theme are as follows:

  1. Health and Socially Vulnerable Groups
  2. Facilitating Independent Review of Health Programmes
  3. Exploring Universal Access to Medicines