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CAHR 2009-2010

Community Monitoring of NRHM

The community monitoring project officially ended in March 2009 but a few states continued the process throughout the year and had this process included in their state Programme Implementation Plans (PIP). Efforts were also undertaken to introduce community monitoring in all state PIPs by the Advisory Group on Community Action (AGCA). CHSJ was also invited to participate in the Common Review Mission of NRHM (Uttarakhand ) and the PIP formulation process ( Bihar ).

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Community level monitoring of health expenditure

CHSJ initiated this project in one district each in the two states of Orissa and Assam. This project is seen as a follow up of the earlier community monitoring process in which Village Health and Sanitation Committees and PHC Planning and Monitoring Committees were trained to undertake community monitoring of mandated services under NRHM using simple community score cards.  The main objective(s) of the project is to facilitate communities to become aware of their health related entitlements (including financial entitlements) and to track out of pocket expenditure incurred during their treatment. The project also aims to empower community groups to monitor budgetary allocation and expenditure patterns especially of funds that are to be managed at the local level. The project is being funded through a partnership with International Budget Partnership. In March 2010, the project completed selection of partners, project villages and a five day training programme was conducted around “Community Expenditure Tracking” using participatory methods. The project is being implemented in 24 villages under 6 PHC areas in these two districts. At the same time desk research to review of state level and district level planning and budgeting processes has also been initiated. 


Leadership Development Programme To Improve Effectivity, Accountability and Communitisation of Health System

CHSJ organized this leadership development programme to strengthen the leadership role both within civil society and within the NRHM implementation mechanism to strengthen its implementation. CHSJ brought together the expertise of the School of Public Health of University of Washington a leading public health school of USA, and National Institute of Health and Family Welfare(NIHFW) the apex training centre on health and family welfare in the country to organize this training.