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Reproductive and Sexual Health and RightsCHSJ focuses on Reproductive and Sexual Rightsof women from marginalized communities withregard to maternal health and rights, right to safeabortion, counter effects of coercive population policies and informed choice in contraception and quality of care in family planning programmes. All these issues raise concern of rights violation and mechanisms to strengthen processes of rights claiming and advocacy around them.......More

Health Rights and Marginalised Groups - CHSJ adopts a right based approach to target the existing disparities between populations, in the allocation of health care resources. The delivery of health resources has by far been traditional with the provider and the beneficiary being the two ends of the process. But CHSJ intervention facilitates the inclusion of the beneficiary also within the allocation process.......More

Men and Gender Equality - CHSJ offers to engage men in dismantling patriarchy and achieving a balanced, equitable relationship between women and men. Gender equality is a distant dream without men being an active part of its process. This fact is being unfolded through innovative strategies undertaken by the institution to include initiatives of men in achieving an engendered social setup.......More

Community Action for Health Rights - This theme emerged as a result of systematic efforts for two years of community monitoring process that was carried out across nine states of India. We understand community action as periodic surveys and studies, community based monitoring of health services and community ownership within accountability framework.......More


Evidence based advocacy is a key strategy in CHSJ’s work towards making health policy and programming responsive to the needs and rights of the poor and marginalised. And within 5 years CHSJ has been able to establish its position and credibility as a unique health policy support organization that is bridging the gap between people’s needs and aspirations and the impact of public policies and programmes through its research and advocacy.......More

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