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Information Management

CHSJ has adopted information dissemination as an effective strategy to reach out to a larger audience. The centre believes that information being the key interface between organization and the public sphere facilitates pro-active interaction by raising awareness, creating a platform for sharing knowledge and experiences, generating consensus, receiving feedback on its initiatives that would ultimately influence its course of action. The following protocols have been laid down to ensure effective dissemination of information.

CHSJ Portal : CHSJ has developed a website that describes its initiatives on the basis of three main thematic areas and two strategic interventions. It also includes a large number of news, articles, discussions and other resources linked to public health, human rights, national and international policies.

Reprohealth_india listserv : CHSJ moderates an active listserve called Reprohealth_India which includes over 570 members belonging to NGOs, academia, international organizations as well as the government. Discussions on population policy issues, rights denial of women seeking maternal health services, reducing access to safe abortion services because of confusion with sex pre-selection and abortion etc. have taken place within this group.

Health News Update : CHSJ prepares a weekly news collation from key news sources, relating to public health and issues of social justice. The same is posted on the website as well as shared in reprohealth_india.

Publications : The Centre produces and distributes resource materials like books, manuals, reports, CDs along with project and academic reports. Other print materials like briefing kits, posters and pamphlets supporting advocacy action are also published. All publications are available for download from the website.

Documentary Film : CHSJ has recently produced a 30 minute documentary on Community Monitoring : “Reviewing Hopes, Realizing Rights”

Library: A library has been set up in CHSJ for staff use. It has a computerized catalogue for easy access. There are over 1800 books in the library. The library also consists of issue based films, state development reports and NFHS & RCH survey reports and data bases.

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