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NFHS – 3 Fact Sheets

NFHS-3 provides information on population, health and nutrition in India and each of its 29 states.  NFHS-3 provides trend data on key indicators and includes information on several new topics, such as HIV/AIDS-related behaviour and the health of slum populations. For the first time, NFHS-3 also provides information on men and unmarried women. In addition, HIV prevalence is measured at the national level and for selected states. This fact sheet presents provisional information on key indicators and trends at the national level. The NFHS-3 fieldwork was conducted by 18 research organizations between December 2005 and August 2006.

INDIA Fact Sheet

State Fact Sheets  
Andhra Pradesh Jammu & Kashmir
Jharkhand Punjab
Karnataka Rajasthan
Kerala Sikkim
Madhya Pradesh Tamil Nadu
Maharashtra Tripura
Manipur Uttar Pradesh
Meghalaya Uttarakhand
Mizoram West Bengal
Nagaland  Orissa



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