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CHSJ acts as a health resource centre working with state level organizations as well as Community Based Organizations at different levels. The center realizes the needs of these organizations in terms of greater accessibility to relevant information related to health and human rights both at the international as well as at the national level which will accelerate the process of furthering the advocacy agenda in their respective regions. An information team has been set up within the organization to collate and classify various resources available to serve the aforesaid purrpose.

The Contemporary Views sub section, brings together articles published on various aspects of public health that reflect the current debates in public health, dilemmas in policy and practice around important themes. These articles are an important source for developing an understanding of the current situation of public health in India. The section primarily focuses on NRHM, Family Planning and Population Issues, Maternal health, Sex selection and PCPNDT Act, Sexuality and Sexual health and People's Participation.

Links to international and national documents pertaining to public health and human rights have been made available alongwith links of key organizations, networks, coalitions playing a pivotal role in shaping public policy and practice. 

CHSJ has also put up the NFHS-3 country and state Fact sheets in this section that gives information on HIV/AIDS related behaviour, health of slum populations etc for the first time.

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