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CHSJ has been preparing reports of project related activities that were presented in meetings and conferences as well as in academic journals. The centre has also prepared various resource and campaign materials to support the Community Monitoring process. 

New release

Reaching the Unreached

Book, English, Published 2010

This book is a product of a training on RAHP organised in 2008 by CHSJ in collaboration with Population Leadership Program, University of Washington and UNFPA. Price Rs. 250 (Postage Extra)


Reviving Hopes, Realising Rights

Report, English, Published 2010

A report on the First Phase of Community Monitoring under NRHM. The community monitoring project took place across 9 States of India from 2007-09. This report describes the process, results, innovation and recommendation by the review team.

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Men, Gender Equality and Policy Response in India

Report, English, Published 2009

The report prepared by CHSJ and SAHAYOG analyses five policy documents that are national in scope, though local and regional in implementation, with the intention of observing how gender and masculinity are placed in the context of achieving gender equality

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Responding to the Two Child Norm

Intern Report, English, Published 2009

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A set of 3 manuals prepared under Community Monitoring


Monitoring Manual

Resource Material, English, Published 2009

CHSJ has facilitated in the generation of a community level report card and a facility level report card to initiate community based enquiry into the functioning and uptake of services. This manual includes step-by-step instructions for using the tools that have been developed for generating scores in these report cards.

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Manual for Training and Workshops

Resource Material, English, Published 2008

This Training Manual is a collection of training modules and session plans aimed at different stakeholders who are supposed to participate in the range of capacity building programmes from the state to the village level.

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Manual for Managers

Resource Material, English, Published 2008

This Manual is based on project proposal that has been approved for different stakeholders in community.


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National Consultation Report on the Role of TBAs in NRHM

Report, English & Hindi, Published 2008

This consultation report potrays the role of TBAs in the context of current NRHM initiatives and carries recommendations to incorporate a creative  role for the TBAs within NRHM.


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Citizen's Report- Reviewing two years of NRHM

Report, English & Hindi, Published 2007

This report covers the proceedings of the National Stakeholders Consultation, the concerns and recommendations that emerged from it, the evidence gathered from different states on the status of implementation of the NRHM.

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A Promise of Better Healthcare Service for the poor 

Resource Material, English & Hindi, Published 2007

This booklet has been prepared to guide the implementation of NRHM and highlights its key components which relate to entitlements, Mechanisms for Community Participation and yardsticks for Community Monitoring. Download in Hindi



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Review, Survey and Consultation Report on one year of NRHM

Report, English, Published 2006

This report focuses on the performance of the NRHM in the EAG states and comprises of the proceedings of the Consultation on one year of NRHM as well as state wise reports of people’s experiences in these states.

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Monitoring of Public Health Policies and Programmes-National Consultation

Report, English, Published 2006

This detailed report contains issues and strategies discussed along with recommendations that emerged during the Consultation organised by CHSJ on monitoring Public Health Policies and Programmes.

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