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The studies conducted by interns during the year 2007-2009 are available for download.

Contracting out to improve maternal health: Evaluating the quality of care under the Chiranjeevi Yojana in Gujaratdownloads: 723 | type: pdf | size: 0 kB
Pulse Polio Programme: Global Priorities and Local Realitiesdownloads: 551 | type: pdf | size: 0 kB
Responding to the Two Child Normdownloads: 546 | type: pdf | size: 0 kB

Internship for the Year 2009-2010 

University Topic  Internee  
Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine Franchising mechanisms in Uttar Pradesh, India: Working for the poor people? Equity and quality aspects Eduardo Celades Blanco Report
University of Washington Do current norms of the DOTS programming in selected(urban) industrial area adequate for meeting the diagnostic and curative care needs associated with TB for the poor labor employed with these industries? What is the involvement of the private sector in meeting the health care needs of such persons? Joe Benedict Report
University of Washington Health Needs of Domestic Violence Victims in Coastal Orissa; An assessment of domestic violence law and health services preparedness Robert A Baker White
Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine  Are health care providers and the public health system adequately prepared to address the health needs emerging from widespread domestic violence and other forms of violence. Nabta Mohammad
Wellesley College, Massachusetts, USA How non-profit organisations are addressing the health concerns of communities affected by malaria Katie Chanpong  


Internship for the year 2010-2011

Jyotiranjan Raut from SRM University for documenting processes of the project Support of Actions to Eliminate VAW

We welcome individuals or organizations that would be interested in such collaboration with us. Please write to us at

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