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Population Round Table

It is ten years since the Government of India formulated the National Population Policy in 2000 and there is renewed concern about population growth in the country. In May 2010, there was a high level meeting chaired by the Health Minister on Repositioning Family Planning. Then in early August the Lok Sabha debated the issue of population for over five hours, and for the first time in 33 years. In late October the National Commission on Population met after a gap of nearly five years. It was mentioned at this meeting that the need was to “bring back family planning and population stabilisation into political discourse and speed up the response at all levels”.
Considering the current situation it is necessary to develop a strategy to ensure that the policy interest in family planning becomes a creative opportunity allowing young people and couples information and services enjoy their reproductive rights, rather than a coercive force, as it has been in the past.
On behalf of the National Coalition on Population on Population and Development, CHSJ co-organised A Roundtable on Contemporary Challenges and Opportunities.The overall objective of the meeting to identify new opportunities and challenges, and discuss ways of developing a campaign and mobilising public opinion across different constituencies and stakeholder groups.
The Agenda revolved around the following:
  1. Review of new policy intentions around Population and Family Planning Issues
  2. Consider the implications of such policy interest in Family Planning in the context of past history in the country in terms of informed consent; quality of care; and meeting of needs.
  3. Identifying new priorities on Population and Development and Family planning considering different interest groups
  4. Develop a strategy to communicate these priorities to policy makers and key stakeholder groups
The report is available below for download

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