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Partner's Review Meeting - Expenditure Tracking in Health

Community Assessment of health expenditure project which started in the year 2009 across two states Assam and Orissa with support of International Budget Partnership (IBP). A year after the inception of the project there was a need felt for stocktaking / review activities that have been carried out by the partners. One of the main objectives of the meeting was to bring together the two partners with the understanding to provide a common platform to share achievements, challenges and innovations over a period of time. From the last one year, various activities have been carried out by the partners and through the Participatory Rural Appraisal methods, information had been collected from the community but it is important to observe what inputs are going back to the community via this process. How is the community taking this process? Whether this process has lead to community empowerment and who has the ownership of this process from the community (leadership by the community). Is community considering health expenditure / out of pocket expenditure as one of its major concerns? 

The three day meeting started with keeping the following agenda in mind;

1) Review of Work
2) State-wise sharing by partners
3) Kind of data generated
4) How to come-up with report card from existing data
5) Second Round of Community Enquiry (plan and action)
6) Field visit impact evaluation (work done by partner till date)
7) Future plan of action
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