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National Dissemination of Community Monitoring

Community Monitoring and Planning ( Community Action) has been seen as an important component of both communitisation processes as well as the monitoring mechanisms of National Rural Health Mission (NRHM). The Advisory Group on Community Action (AGCA) was involved in developing the operating methodology for community monitoring and has supported and supervised the implementation of community monitoring across nine states, thirty five districts and over one thousand six hundred villages in the period 2007 – 09.

A one day dissemination meeting took place in Delhi on June 16th 2010 to share the
results and process of the first phase of community monitoring widely among all stakeholders, especially in those states where this process has not been implemented yet and who are responsible for the expanded roll-out and implementation, . The dissemination meeting provided an opportunity for direct interaction between those who are responsible for implementation (but do not as yet have a clear knowledge of the implementation process) with those who have been implementing community monitoring over the last two years. The meeting was hosted by the AGCA National Secretariat PFI (Population Foundation of India) and CHSJ.

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