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Events for the year 2010-2011

Partner's Review Meeting : Expenditure Tracking of Health

March 15-16-17, 2011,  Orissa and Bolangir

Community Assessment of health expenditure project which started in the year 2009 across two states Assam and Orissa with support of International Budget Partnership (IBP). A year after the inception of the project there was a need felt for stocktaking /review activities that have been carried out by the partners.


Training of Trainers (Resource Group Training): Punjab Community Monitoring

January 17-19, 2011,  Chandigarh

The State of Punjab is in process of rolling out the Community Monitoring project in State. CHSJ provided the technical support to the State. A training was conducted from Jan 17th to 19th 2011 in Parivar Kalyan Bhavan for select resource persons of the State.


A Round Table on Population and Family Planning: Contemporary Challenges and Opportunities

January 12, 2011, New Delhi

CHSJ as part of the National Coalition on Population Stabilization, Family Planning and Reproductive Rights co-organized this round table in view of the current situation to develop a strategy to ensure that the policy interventions in family planning allow it to become a creative force so that it effectively ensures that all individuals are provided with information and services so that they can make responsible contraceptive choices.



Leadership Development Training (DPM Training) – Assam

August 2- 6, 2010,  Guwahati 

The training Programme designed to improve Effectivity, Accountability, and Communitisation of health system, was a collaborative effort between the Centre for Health and Social Justice (CHSJ), the Global Health Leadership Program at the University of Washington, National Rural Health Mission, Dept of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of Assam and the Regional Resource Centre North East.

National Dissemination of Community Monitoring

June 16th 2010,  New Delhi

A National Dissemination Meeting to share the implementation process, results and outcomes of the community monitoring process with relevant stakeholders from different states.

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