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Training on Community Assessment of Health Expenditure


As part of our initiative on Community Monitoring of Health Expenditure, a five day residential training programme was conducted around Community Expenditure Tracking in Assam during 03-07th March 2010. The training was intended to build capacities of the implementing organisations so that they are able to:

  • Gain better understanding of NRHM financial entitlements and mechanisms for community participation.
  • Develop understanding about the project.
  •  Develop skills in community assessment of health expenditure using participatory methodology.
  • Prepare an action plan for implementing the project in respective districts.

The training combined a series of lectures, group activities and field visits to orient participants into the process of assessing health expenditure involving communities. The primary focus was on the methodology that included health mapping, free listing of diseases, sorting and matrix ranking.  

The training report covers the entire module and observations from field as well. It is available below for download.

Training on Community Assessment of Health Expenditure - A Reportdownloads: 582 | type: pdf | size: 0 kB
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