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National Consultation on the Role of Dais in the National Rural Health Mission

Advisory Group on Community Action, Dai Sangathan Gujarat, Population Foundation of India and the Centre for Health and Social Justice came together to organize a national consultation on the role of dais in the NRHM on 1st – 2nd May, 2008 in New Delhi. The core objectives of the consultation were:

  • To review the role of the Traditional Birth Attendant(TBA) – Dai in the context of safe delivery and reduction of maternal mortality and morbidity in the context of current NRHM initiatives and experiences in both the high and low focus states.
  • To obtain greater clarity and develop a consensus on the role of the TBA–Dai in the context of Maternal and Child Health Care today.
  • To develop recommendations for incorporating a creative role for TBA-Dais within NRHM for serving broader NRHM objectives relating to maternal and child health outcomes and communitization.

The following themes were under focus at the consultation:

  1. TBAs as MCH care-givers
  2. TBAs in childbirth—the continuity of care (home births and institutional care, referral care)
  3. TBAs in the larger spectrum of health care givers—i.e. their broader role as frontline health service providers at the local level.
  4. TBA – ASHA role conflict
  5. Mobilizing and Empowering Dai

The consultation was well attended by a diverse group of participants from 10 states, which included Dais themselves, NGOs working with Dais and maternal and child health issues, donors and Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. At the end of the 2 day event, concrete recommendations were made to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and different donor organizations present. 

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