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Lucknow meeting

Forum to Engage Men: Working with Boys and Men for Gender Equality (FEM)

A two-day meeting at Lucknow on 23 and 24, March 2009


FEM has emerged as a process in India where individuals, organizations and institutions working and acting in separate spheres on the issue of masculinities came together to create a platform. It has emerged as a forum to share work, ideas and learnings to make more public the discussion on masculinities and reach out to more boys and men in support of gender equality and non violence.

As part of this, a small group of individuals started meeting to discuss the vision and direction of this process. It resulted in a draft concept note that was circulated for discussion and which is still in the process getting insights from multifaceted dimensions of masculinities in Indian context and sighting its inter linkages with other social justice movements including women’s movement in India. A couple of meetings took place in Delhi in July and August 2007 and in Pune October 2007 to facilitating the process towards making it more broad-based and inclusive, both conceptually and regionally. It was also decided collectively that such further meetings should be organised in different parts of country.

With this viewpoint, a two-day consultative meeting is planned in Lucknow on March 23 and 24, 2008.

Objectives of the meeting:

  1. To review FEM process, decisions of the last meeting and initiatives of regional representatives and sub-groups.

  2. To gather learnings from other gender and social justice movements to facilitate FEM process towards defining its vision.

  3. To critical reflection and discuss on transform goals in the arena of gender equality, masculinities and non-violence.

  4. To review and further strategize the process of resources generation and capacity buildings and association with Asian and Global Men Engage alliances.


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