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Events for the year 2008-2009

   Second Phase of Rapid Assessment of Health Programmes
The Second Phase of RAHP enhanced Organisations' skills in terms of assessing ongoing health programmes in their respective areas.

10-14 Dec'08 New Delhi 

   Training Programme on Advocating for Reproductive Health and Rights
Advocacy meant for middle to senior functionaries of organizations that have an agenda of influencing policy and programme level changes.

22-30 July'08 Naukuchiatal Uttarakhand India

  First Phase of Rapid Assessment of Health Programmes
Capacity Building in Rapid Assessment of Health Programmes (RAHP) for Civil Society Organisations.

23-30June'08 New Delhi 

  National Consultation on the Role of Dais in the National Rural Health Mission
Consultation meant to review the role of dais and recommend ways to incorporate them in the NRHM

1–2 May'08, New Delhi

  A Sharing Meeting - Comparative Research on Public Policies Related to Men, Masculinities and Gender
Sharing the preliminary findings of a study on public policies related to men, masculinities and gender and receive feedback from stake- holders and experts on the relevance of the process.

17th Mar'08, New Delhi.  

  A consultation meeting- Men, Gender Equality and Policy Response
Sharing the preliminary findings of a scan of number of critical policies to understand the extent to which there is an inclusion of men in laws and policies aimed at gender equality.

18 Jan'08 New Delhi 

 Besides the above CHSJ also conducted the following meeting and particpated in an international event 

Forum to Engage Men: Working with Boys and Men for Gender Equality (FEM)
A two day meeting was held to review FEM process, gather learnings from other gender and social justice movements and to strategize the process of resource generation and capacity building and association with Asian and Global MenEngage alliances.

23-24 March, 2009, Lucknow  

Promoting Sexual and Reproductive Empowerment


CHSJ was invited to participate at the side event organized by the UN in association with the Governments of Norway and Sweden at this year’s Commission on the Status of Women(CSW).

2nd March 2009 

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