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CHSJ is involved in organizing a number of training events and workshops in collaboration with its partner organizations, to build consensus and understanding. At the same time CHSJ is a key partner/ stakeholder in events organized by other organizations. Some of the key events are distributed yearwise according to their year of facilitation.

Workshop on Decentralized Expenditure Tracking and Monitoring In National Rural Health Mission 13-14 Dec, 2011
Annual Adhiveshan  8-9 Nov, 2011
Gap and Gains: Citizen's Report on Health Programmes Implementation in India 16 Sep, 2011

Partner's Review Meeting - Expenditure Tracking of Health 15, 16, 17 Mar 2011
Resource Group Training-Punjab Community Monitoring 17-19 Jan, 2011
Roundtable on Population and Family Planning-Contemporary Challenges and Opportunities 12 Jan, 2011
Leadership Development Training - Assam 2-6 Aug, 2010
National Dissemination of Community Monitoring 16 June, 2010
Community Assessment of Health Expenditure   3-7 Mar, 2010
National Sharing of Rapid Assessment by Civil Society   22 July, 2009 
Leadership Development Programme   17-21 July, 2009  
Dissemination Workshop on Tracing Pharmaceuticals in South Asia   8-9 April,2009 
Rapid Assessment of Health Programmes - Second Phase   10-14 Dec, 2008  
Training on Advocating for Reproductive Health and Rights   22-30 July, 2008  
Rapid Assessment of Health Programmes - First Phase   23-30 June,2008  
National Consultation on role of Dais in the NRHM   1-2 May, 2008 
Comparative Research on Public Policies related to Men, Masculinities and Gender - A Sharing Meeting   17 Mar, 2008  
Men, Gender Equality and Policy Response - A Consultation Meeting   18 Jan, 2008 
Civil Society Meeting with UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Health 23 Dec, 2007  
National Stakeholder Consultation on Two Years of NRHM 8 Aug, 2007


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