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Vision, Mission and Objectives

All citizens1 are enabled and empowered to lead healthy lives, are able to access appropriate and quality health care services irrespective of their ability to pay, and provisions exist to address health needs of those who are especially vulnerable or discriminated.

To promote human development, gender equality, human rights and social justice with specific reference to the field of health, in its widest interpretation.


  • Building evidence on the impact of existing policies and programmes on the core health concerns of the marginalized, especially women.

  • Identifying emerging issues and priorities for delivering accessible, quality health care services for women and other marginalized people.

  • Strengthening advocacy for changes in health related policy and practice.

  • Developing leadership and operational capacities for improved design, delivery and monitoring of quality, accessible health care services.

(1)The term citizen is being used in the generic sense to denote all people, and especially those who are not in positions of state designated authority.

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