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The work of CHSJ is based on the underlying principle that all human beings are equal in dignity and rights and that health is one of the fundamental factors which enables human beings to live a life of dignity and to enjoy it to its full potential. The approach focuses on enhancing the ability of the vulnerable and marginalized to lead a life of full human potential and not on the ability of individuals to enjoy an unfettered existence. Key among the human rights which underpin the work of CHSJ are the:

Right to Equality and Non-discrimination
to ensure special provisions for vulnerable and discriminated.

Right to Life – to ensure the equal survival and a life of full dignity for those who live at the margins of society and those who are systematically discriminated, or who are at special risk due to their social responsibilities. The centre does not endorse the right to life of the foetus as it does not believe that foetus have any personhood.

Right to Health – to ensure accessible, appropriate, acceptable and quality health care services and also to ensure the fulfillment of all essential conditions like adequate nutrition, safe drinking water, shelter and so on which are essential for ensuring health.

Reproductive and Sexual Rights – to enable all to enter into and enjoy a safe, fulfilling and non-coercive sexual relationships, or be able to refuse from entering into a sexual relationship. To have the information and services to decide if, when, and with whom to have children, or not to have children as the case may be. To have all necessary information and services to have safety during and after pregnancy and childbirth.

While the key ingredients of these rights are based on the principles and interpretation of the Indian Constitution and International Covenants, the Centre will strive to further refine their interpretation and implementation through practice.

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