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Annual Report


 ANNUAL REPORT 2010-2011

It is my pleasure to present the Annual Report of CHSJ for the year 2010-11. 

This year we had a few successes at the policy level which derived from our successful advocacy in the past. We were also able to expand our work in some areas especially our work with men on issues of gender equality. We also faced some challenges. CHSJ was set up as a national organisation five year ago, and as we move ahead in our journey we realised that the actual arena of health rights fulfilment is at the state level.  We strengthened our work in research by developing a separate research division within the organisation. In this report we have tried to capture the summary of our activities and experiences in the course of the last year and synthesise our learning’s.

As in previous years our work was enriched by our partners and we continued to develop and strengthen partnerships across sectors and with Government agencies. On behalf of the trustees, Governing Body and Staff of CHSJ, I thank them all for their confidence in CHSJ and look forward to a continued association.


Abhijit Das

Managing Trustee and Director



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