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Health News

September 2006

Demand to include urban poor in health mission

New Delhi | September 12 , 2006
The 285 million urban people in India account for 28 per cent of the country's total population, a number that is estimated to double by 2025. Approximately one-fourth of urban India, comprising over 70 million people, lives in slums or illegal settlements without basic infrastructure and public services.


A British doctor is god to AIDS sufferers in Kolkata

Kolkata | September 12, 2006
In a small dispensary on the ground floor of a nursing home in central Kolkata, an elderly British doctor is the last hope for a steady stream of HIV carriers waiting for free distribution of exorbitantly priced second-line anti-retroviral drugs to prolong their survival.


`Infertility cases on the rise in Erode'

Erode | 11 September, 2006
This region, known for its fertile lands, efficient labour force and booming textile industry, has a dark side to it - one that is directly related to the above. The problem is the rise in infertility cases, particularly among men, which the doctors here attribute more to pollution than anything else.


Uniform drug pricing from October 2

Bangalore | September 11 ,2006
Uniform drug pricing will come into force in the country on October 2. But it will be sometime before the rule is actually implemented.


Hospital death: Son to move rights panel

Kolkata: May 11, 2007 IST
A Posta businessman, who claimed his mother died of medical negligence at Marwari Relief Society Hospital , will move the state human rights commission.