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Rapid Assessment of Health Programmes


About Us

Centre for Health and Social Justice was initiated to strengthen the claims of citizens to the many health related fundamental rights that have been promised through the Constitution as well as those which have been identified through international human rights treaties. It has emerged from the growing concern of a group of public health practitioners and field based researchers on the difference influences which are shaping public health discourse and practice in India (and South Asia) today. CHSJ is aimed to influence the discourse and practice of public health through

  • Carefully documented evidence on the impact of policy intention and programme delivery on the lives of citizens, especially women and the marginalised.
  • Enhancing insights and skills among policy makers, providers, managers, community leaders and activists to take leadership in a process of change which will ensure greater social justice.

The Government of India has made new commitments by announcing the National Rural Health Mission (2005 – 2012) which promises greater public spending and an increased attention to health care issues of the poor. India along with other countries around the world has committed itself to the achievement of the Millenium Development Goals. CHSJ aims to identify reasons, disseminate information, build capacities, strengthen leadership so that the government’s commitments to fulfill the health needs of women and the poor may be effectively met irrespective of their ability to pay.

The unique advantage of CHSJ is the composition of its founder associates who bring on board multiple skills and expertise. The founder associates of CHSJ have been involved in founding and developing some of the most influential NGOs working in the fields of public health and gender justice in India today. The work of CHSJ enriched by the unique synergy generated by the insights developed through years of implementing rights based health programmes on the ground, with rigorous public health research.

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